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>> stewing in tent cities, said to unleash as the justice department left him with a suit . now putting on for a press conference to talk to us first on fox. sheriff joe in a minute. but first, the monster and the mess. your world on top of earl's collision course with our coast and what could be a collision course with cavuto and more on earl in a minute with north carolina's governor with evacuations underway and what local governments say unions are doing. in a few words, "sucking them
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dry." in the case of illinois, have of the state is in the red and making sure they do not declare bankruptcy and as well as harrisburg, pennsylvania, which cannot make a bond agreement but better not thing of going bankrupt. the worry is, they go under and public workers and their pensions go bust, to which one says "tough." well, that seems inevitable if the cities or states go under and they are fighting it tooth and nail. what happens? >>guest: i should say be reasonable and think of a solution. for example, if we cap the retirement age at 65 and we let people retire only at 65 and we cap the pension at 100,000 a year which is a lot of money, twice the average household income, these states would be fine. the problem is, there are thousands and thousands of retired workers in places such as california earning way over
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$100,000 a year and they can retire around age 50 depending on what they have done and this is causing one or two or $3 trillion, at least $2 trillion or $3 trillion depending on the estimates of liabilities for states because of these state and local pensions. >>neil: the bottom line, is they cannot afford "business as usual," and they acknowledge the workers have a point that a contract was made many years ago, the contract and the related cause is out-of-control but getting back to reality, it ain't easy. >>guest: exactly. since courts will not allow states to adjust the contribution or the benefits of existing workers or existing retirees. so if someone is pulling in a pension of $500,000 such as a former administrator in california, they are not allowed to adjust that down to $100,000. >>neil: that is his pension? >>guest: yes, his pentagon.
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the former city administrator in one city in california is making almost $500,000 a year in retirement benefits. >>neil: what did he make as the administrator? >>guest: i don't have that figure and he can have another job, also, so many people collect pensions as well as having another job and the states can not renegotiate this right now. unions and state officials should take a step back and think, what is reasonable? what would be reasonable with a cap of $100,000? and a retirement age of 65. that would keep the pensions, what everyone think is reasonable and the states would not have to go for bankruptcy as a solution. >>neil: we will see. thank you very much. good to see you. >>guest: great to be with you. thank you for having me. >>neil: and now another storm. the governor at the center of this, the minnesota chamber of commerce urging the republican
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governor to scrap the plan to keep federal health care dollars out of the state. welcome, governor. this is sort of like a faustian pact and now some in the state say "not so fast, governor." where does this stand? >>guest: i directed our state agencies not to accept obama care grachts or apply unless approved by me and this is because we do not like obama health care increasing taxes and it will not slow down the health care costs but increase them and suck us and many other states and people into a federal takeover of health care and i don't like it so we will do all we can to defeat it and repeal it but in the meantime we will not participate unless we are forced to and we have some grants that we may apply for consistent with state decisionmaking and state policies but the others we will not take.
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>>neil: i never know state constitutional issues and how they lay out and all that but how good is your executive order? does it trump other issues? >>guest: it does not trump the constitution and it does not trump existing state law but in the areas where we have discretion and some parts of obama health care we have discretion not to participate, we can exercise that discretion and my executive order says to all the state government we will take a consistent approach and i issued it and all the groups what want the money do not like it but the federal government is out of money. they are broke. spending more than they have. borrowing money from the chinese. and they are doing nothing to get the economy corrected and doing the wrong thing as far as i'm concerned so instead of running around saying we will take the money because it is free, call it what is it: the federal government is a drug dealer trying to give out free samples to get people further addicted and we say "no," we have had enough. and get your own house in order.
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>>neil: you are getting a great deal of attention, governor, as another governor, in new jersey, for sort of bucking the tide and taking on the system and this could lead to a presidential prospect in 2012 and we have bounced that issue around and there have been the response that you are focused on governor. is this the stuff that republicans should be doing? >>guest: what we should be doing is focus on the economy and growing jobs. and minnesota has the 7th lowest unemployment rate in the country of all the jobs created in the entire country in fourth of july, 25 percent came from minnesota in the last six or seven months so we have good news on that front. and we have to reduce government spending. and i applaud my friend in new jersey doing a great job.
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that is dealing with the public employee unions and we talked about that. we cracked down on that in minnesota. and the health care system has to be fixed to be more affordable and all president obama and the misguided chronic does was expand access to a broken system and they need to let the markets sort it out and fix it. >>neil: when are you announcing you are running for president? >>guest: some time early next year. >>neil: thank you very much, governor. >>guest: thank you for having me on. >>neil: and back to earl and the north carolina governor says she is getting the residents ready. governor, thank you very much for joining us. a crazy couple of days. >>guest: a busy time for north
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carolina and the residents. the latest is the storm is downgraded to category three so the winds could be 125 miles per hour and we never know with a hurricane, it can be category four at any time so you do not know until it hits. the rain will start at 5:00 and we have evacuated our barrier islands and we understand the hurricane will likely brush the outer banks and cape hatteras which has been evacuated. we had mandatory evacuation of tourists. we hope they are gone. we have voluntary evacuation for the citizens many have left. and we continue to urge people to be safe rather than sorry. north carolina is ready as we can be, any state in the mechanic for the onset of a hurricane. >>neil: you have urged evacuation on the coast but it is hard to follow this hurricane's path. one possible model has it,
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governor, impacting 11 coastal states. now, i cannot imagine if 11 coastal state governors had evacuations simultaneously, that could be a mess. are you on the phone with some of your other governors along the coast? what is happening there? >>guest: our evacuation routes are primarily driven into inneither north carolina and we evacuate one way traffic most of the time in the eyes of a storm. the only evacuation route that could be involved in heavy traffic would be that one across the bridge into virginia and virginia, obviously, is as prepared as we are. we have a great coalition of governors who work together but ordinarily one takes care of one's own state and north carolina, we are ready and prepared for the weather. >>neil: have you talked to president obama?
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>>guest: i have not spoken to the president myself but let me be very direct about fema, north carolina has had good experiences and bad expenses with fema over the years when we have a hurricane or disaster. the fema office here in north carolina has been on the ground, they have been a full partner since day before yesterday. water, food, supplies, all we can ask for, and the president signed the emergency order last night, so as of today north carolina is getting 75 percent of the costs from the federal government on the front end and that is unusual for storms. we usually have to beg and plead after. i cannot be any happier with the system we have from our local government on up. no wonder my state is called the best prepared and ready state in america. >>neil: a beautiful state and for all those vacations on your fine coasts bummer to have to move inland. how is that going?
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>>guest: let me suggest to you a lot of us believe the storm is a short duration storm and the models say that. tomorrow we want folks to understand all over america that north carolina's coast and the mountains, the whole state, is open and ready for business and if you are looking for a place to spend labor day come on down to north carolina, the storm will be gone. >>neil: just don't come right away. governor, thank you. >>guest: come in the morning, not tonight. >>neil: we are getting word that president obama is going to hold a press conference next week that will be part of a kickoff on the whole labor day events and by the end of the week after appearances if places like wisconsin and ohio he will have a formal press conference on friday. as of late he has not had too many and he spoke to the nation on tuesday on iraq but press conferences have become few and far between so the president,
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labor day week, promising a press conference. >> they smiled in our face and stabbed us in our back. the sheriff fires the justice department and he is placed with a suit. sheriff is here, sheriff arpaio. and a person would has a record on calling the elections year in and year out. something tells me nancy pelosi will not like what he has to will not like what he has to say. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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>>neil: did anyone see this? it is incredible. take a look. he is charging the mound.
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he is coming after him. and he is pummelled. goodness, he is at the bottom of the pile. morgan went after chris. someone got a big piece of him. >>neil: they did get a big piece and now we know why. we found out he diss edouard website -- dissed the website and we know that website is worth fighting for and getting into a brawl because it is full of all sorts of good stuff, everyone wants a piece of that. and we really love to have this fun with this, and some of you like it, some of you don't. so today we ask: do you think sit okay for us to joke about our website on this show? already more than 3,600 have voted on this subject; 96
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percent say it is okay; 4 percent have no sense of humor at all. so good to the slash yourworld. let us know which side you are, people would have a good sense of humor or people who watch cnn. lighten up. say it ain't so, the federal government is slapping a lawsuit against sheriff joe in arizona who has been rounding up illegals long before it became a huge local monster. the justice department is not a fan of the way the sheriff has been rounding up the illegals. more on what they are going after in a second. first, to the man they are going after. and with me now is the sheriff. good to see you, sheriff. what do you make of this? what do you think?
4:18 pm
can you hear me? >>guest: it surprises me because our lawyers have been meeting with the justice department officials and last week and we were cooperating and now we are sand bagged and they are suing me. it has been a year and a half and they have been investigating me and my office for alleged racial profiling. nothing has happened. but why now? they sued the state. two months ago. they filed another suit against county schools. and now here i am being sued. so, i think that's a move afoot to go after arizona because they don't like the enforcing of the illegal immigration laws or going after the people of arizona, the people of arizona want something ton and now they are zeroing in on the lawsuits. >>neil: they have been looking at you for some time, sheriff, and maybe because of the law and the trophies over the law they
4:19 pm
would try it again and part of the argument is you have not been cooperative filing things and filing papers and how you have gone ahead and apprehended illegals. what do you say? >>guest: i will not go back to months ago, unethical situations we discovered during the process bewe have cooperated recently, hundreds and thousands of documents they have from our office. our lawyers have met with them. what else can we do? but here they go with a lawsuit which i feel they knew they were going to do anyway no matter what we did to embarrass me and embarrass the people of arizona. >>neil: this mowft the be an easy time for you with a new movie coming out called "machete." it features the sort of illegal chasing sheriff said to be based
4:20 pm
on you although the money makers say that is not the case and it is not a great portrayal. what do you think of that? >>guest: well, i am a high profile guy with demonstrators that follow me everywhere i go in the dunts -- country. i appear just doing my job and sometimes you take controversy with the illegal immigration problem that is occurred not only in arizona but across the nation, a top mill -- top political situation. >>neil: what about the movie the sheriff is don johnson. >>guest: i think i am better looking than don johnson but ... >>neil: i will take your word on that. we will keep a close eye on this. the federal government has slapped a lawsuit open the sheriff for the way he rounded up illegals and he says it is
4:21 pm
much ado about nothing and you have a movie coming out or read the lawsuit against the sheriff on our website at [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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>>neil: and a new movie "the american" is hitting theaters and george clooney is saying it is exciting and the timing is puzzling coming out after george clooney gave me a shotout at the emmys. >> you are the best version of
4:25 pm
the term celebrity and impressive accomplishment. i thank you. >>neil: stop it! you are welcome. george. some of you out there generally start thinking, wait, wait, wait, clooney wasn't talking about my website at all, or me, was he? he was. he was. prove me wrong. but the bigger issue that developed this week became a big issue for some not amused by our kidding use of movie clips and movie stars and cart troops to promote ourselves saying out of context which prompted us to ask this: do you think it is okay for us to joke about our website on this show? more than 4,800 have already responded. coming in faster than me, you know, like a doughnut, 96 percent are saying "yes," the
4:26 pm
funnier the better. so take that. george, he will be there for the debut but i have the shows and everything else. from clooney to the man who is often mistaken for him, larry, as in larry of politics my industry who say the democrats are ready to enter an inferno and for those of you that don't know, high is the most accurate among all those out there and that is legitimate. that is not like the stuff i talk about. so, larry, first, the house of representatives. that is what is startling. >>guest: but i have to say if you think i look like george clooney you need a better prescription of glasses but in any event here is what has happened. remember last spring we talked about what people were saying, and it was an antiincumbent year. no, it's an antidemocratic year
4:27 pm
and the republicans will pick up all the seats they lost in 2006 and 2008 combined, not necessarily all the same seats but the net result is going to return congress to about what it was before 2006. >>neil: they need 39 or 40 seats to take control? >>guest: they need 39. 47, i think, it is 47 and there are toss ups and we have until november 2nd and the number could go down but it could be, more likely, go up. >>neil: and now the senate. you need ten seats. they are getting closer. >>guest: very close. for most of the year we had the republicans picking up either six or seven and we now have increased that to eight or nine and of course ten is the ball game. now, originally, the republicans would have to --.
4:28 pm
>>neil: when you say "ten is the ball game," that brings in the role of independents and if lieberman votes with the democrats are the republicans and this is he continues to vote with the democrats. >>guest: if the republicans get nine, what will lieberman do? might he consider joining the republican caulk and his friend senator mccain or senator nelson from nebraska in the heck of a race in 2012, a deservive democrat. there are all things that can come into play. in 1994 when the republicans took over congress when 24 or 36 hours after the election two democratic senators switched to the republican party. >>neil: good point. and now the details are fascinating including the states that are suddenly in play for democrats, dangerously so.
4:29 pm
what does that tell you? >>guest: it tells you it is a competitive year. this is fascinating. i like to say i am a competitor for somonex. look at our web page before you go to bed and you will sleep soundly. you have a lot of states that are competitive this year that were not even vaguely competitive in 2006 and 2008. the governors, we have not mentioned them but the republics are going to -- republicans are going to roll up big and we have them gating -- gaining 8 governorships and 300 legislative posts and think of what that meanses and on election night people will be
4:30 pm
shocked that republicans are winning so many blue states in pennsylvania, wisconsin, illinois, ohio, these states normally vote democratic in presidential years and not this year. >>neil: that will be interesting. and what he is saying, he induces in somnia but i don't induces in somnia but i don't think that is the case. activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate
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4:35 pm
the 14th. we reached out to the opponent, congressman castle looking to see what they were ... good to have you. >>guest: thank you very much for having me. >>neil: you became like an overnight emerging force and i don't know whether it had to do with what was going on if alaska but tea party was in you and away we go. what happened? >>guest: three things i think. number one, because this is a special seat for a seat held by joe biden there is a spot light because the winner can be sworn in the day after election day and serving in harry reid's lame duck session where cap and trade can come on and my republican opponent is a big supporter and my democraticñopponent, also is a supporter of cap and trade and
4:36 pm
no one wants this bill. so, in this race, i am the only candidate who has pledged to not only vote against it but advocate against it so people are looking at this as perhaps me being the fillibuster vote. number two, i think the other thing that happened is polling showed that castle and i are very close and we don't have a multimillion dollar war chest like mike castle and i am not a personal millionaire who can self finance so it is a reflection of the people we have behind us. >>neil: no doubt about the energy. but you are a relative unknown and then people start kicking the tires and saying, what is she about? and then stuff comes out, you had a home foreclosed open, you did not pay your tuition. greece greece we have addressed
4:37 pm
that. >>neil: i don't have time to go to the website. do you owe back taxes? >>guest: no, i don't. >>neil: did you foreclosure on a home? >>guest: no. >>neil: two out of three did not happen. you did not receive a difficult -- diploma because you could not bay? >>guest: it took 12 years to pay off the loops and when i did in 191ñ i was handed a leather port fowl i can't but inside was a bill most people do not have t funds to pay for the college education and that does not disqualify me to serve in the senate and that is something voters are sick of that elitist
4:38 pm
membership facility. >>neil: and hopefully we can get your opponent on. >>guest: thank you very much. >>neil: the governor of mass is declaring a state of message as hurricane earl is ready to slam the east coast. >>neil: the lady who finds the party a tramp and says she did not leave the hillary clinton.b@ the democratic party last her. and it's about to leave a lot more behind.
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>>neil: and now this woman was a hillary clinton supporter, a big fundraiser, and until president obama won the nomination and she jumped ship nothing she has seen out of the guy would has beat him has brought her back and she is alló leadingñi another revolt. and now ourçó guess. i love your name, so italian. >>guest: so long. >>neil: so, nothing warmed up. >>guest: nothing is warmed up. what i hoped at a minimum we would have more bipartisanship and that president obama although i didn't agree with his ideas i thought he would reach across the aisleñi but the fact dissidence and is so critical of
4:43 pm
people would disagree with him on a personal level made the whole atmosphere horrendous. >>neil: he says he has reached >>guest: not when he sayji republicans have no ideas and they sit at his doorstep with ideas and he doesn't reach out he reaches out to people would agree with him and if youñr dont agree with him you are either stupid orationist or sort of not qualified to be in the debate. >>neil: you are a big democrat. it is in your d.n.a., you really wanted hillary clinton and there is talk about making hillary clinton vice president. how would that make you feel? >>guest: well i don't like to speculate. i don't know how ... >>neil: try. >>guest: that is a hypothetical and i can't deal with hypotheticals. >>neil: but i would imagine you would think more favorably of him with her on the ticket.çr
4:44 pm
>>guest: we are beyond that. we don't really think of ourselves as republicans or democrats. that we are really a nation in the middle and that's where we want to be, center right or center left andçó the reagan --. >>neil: comparison she looks in the center, she is left and he is, extreme left,ñr right?çói >>guest: sheñ she certainly did not run from the left. he ran from the left. if you look at president clinton it was president clinton in 1997 who said the era of big government is over. it wasn't forced on him. he started inañ993,ñr the defit reduction act. >>neil: i want to ask you, say my guess who was here earlier said the republicans are going to comp in theñr midterms. say that happens. hard to say.
4:45 pm
a lot time can change. would thisñr moderate the president as billçy/ clinton? >>guest: bill clinton and obama start in different places. pick was a moderate his expire life. he ran asñr a moderate, heñi goi earned as añr moderate. obama would have further tojfñi. it would be an improvement if he did not have nancy pelosixd pushing everything to the left. i think that there would be a greater possibility for more moderate legislation. >>neil: but you don-tñ seeñr it being in his d.n.a. toñrñiñrñr ? guess guessñi no.ñi >>neil: i thinkpyu are right, bill clinton was more pragmatic. so assuming he isñ9iñrñi notçó
4:46 pm
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as they kick it in high gear over the labor day weekend and we're all over it. we have a special labor day "your world" show with big names. donald trump, the republican governor of new jersey, chris
4:51 pm
christie, rick perry and martha stewart. many more. union guys in the meantime are rallying on labor day weekend to help democrats. that's nothing new. small business guys rally to take the union guys on. patrick sheron a small business owner not so happy with the party in power saying that it's creating an absurd environment to force him to lay off workers. good to have you, sir. thank you for coming. >> thank you, neil. glad to be here. >> maybe tell me about your business. what do you do? >> in the machine tool business, which has virtually gone away in the united states with a lot of other manufacturering businesses as a result of our economic policies here. i am really fed up right now with this administration and this congress is taking america. virtually taking it away from americans. >> neil: what is your biggest concern? i know you have been playing
4:52 pm
off people because i think you don't know where things are headed, right? explain what you mean? >> you bet. the uncertainty that is out there, seams that the whole deal today is blame somebody, blame bush, blame obama. blame somebody. we have to clear up the uncertainties. the bush tax cuts. we don't need to muddy the waters with discussion of the tax cuts. they should be left in place to be reviewed possibly sometime in the future, if appropriate. >> neil: you're saying all of the tax cuts? even those to the wealthy and all? >> absolutely! neil, the bottom line here is the wealthy part of it is a small part of the whole deal. we don't need to create another opportunity for more confusion, more fighting. we need to fix what is
4:53 pm
broken. the problems are identified, job creation and spending, consumer spending. let's kick-start this and move it back in the right direction. >> neil: patrick, i'm sure you iware that the president has a small business bill on the table, i think it's a $30 billion measure to offer credits and write-offs to guys like you. who do you think of that? >> i tell you what, neil. when you're not making money and you haven't made any money for a couple of years, tax credits really are the last thing you are thinking about. as far as credits to be able to get to borrow money is virtually impossible for us now. when you look at our p&l and balance sheet in the last couple of years we are not going to qualify with a bank anywhere. the government is not prepared to step in and help us out. we need to take this on, on our own. there are a number of things
4:54 pm
that the administration could do immediately to kick start this economy. one would be put the bush tax cut thing on the back burner. two would be to create a real stimulate that creates jobs. i can tell you how i'd do it if i were him. >> well, give us time for another visit but we'll watch closely. you hang in there, my friend. all right? when we come back, hard up for cash? planning to sell junk in better get a permit to do it and maybe very soon. very, very soon.
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hey what's going on? doing t shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if thosboxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in te country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. neil: okay, this is all you need to know about how desperate the government is getting to raise money. they are rifling through your garage. it's true. in dallas, a couple of very creative councilmembers are proposing a $25 garage sale permit. you heard me right.
4:58 pm
a permit. the actually sell your junk. you have don't pay up, the city is cracking down. the good councilmen, one of them was nice enough to come on my fox business show an hour from now and explain all of this. the guy says the garage thing could raise serious dough, try half a million bucks. since it isn't technically a tax, it's a fee, the local taxes stay pretty much the same. my point and one i plan to raise with the councilmember on fox business, which if you are not getting -- >> demand it! >> neil: well, what i want to point out to him he can call the garage thing anything he wants. i suspect the dallas residents will still hit the roof, especially those with garages, with or without roofs because you can call it a fee or a charge or a straw hat. really doesn't matter. when the government comes along and starting charging something for something it never did, well that is something, that is a tax. what amazing me about politicians of all stripes these days is how creative they can be raising taxes,
4:59 pm
but never ever, ever, ever cutting spending. if they applied half the energy raising revenue instead, they could raise the revenue. looking for spare change off the couch cushions, right? now from the very same couch granny has got up for sale in her garage. they're in granny's garage. here is hoping that granny has enough spare change to cover the $25 fee. don't forget that interview. councilman proposing it on fox business. hurricane earl weakening a teeny bit but the winds are still at 115 miles per hour. fema officials call it a dangerous storm and urging residents up and down the east coast to be prepared. the north carolina governor here saying she's already telling folks along the coast to move inland. indeed they are. the reason we're coming you live this saturday on the "cost of freedom" business block covering the storms and the other storms in and around washington, like the

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